Whether you are a small business or Fortune 500 corporation, your accessibility to clients and partners is essential to daily operations. Making the choice to switch over to a CableLink Solutions cloud-based phone system can give you just that. You may be asking what is a cloud-based phone system? Essentially, a phone system that runs through the cloud is entirely run through the internet which allows your communication to continue even when you are outside the office. A cloud-based phone system allows your business to eliminate preexisting phone system software and cut the vast amount of landlines your business requires.

Our phone systems that run through the cloud are backed up by highly secure servers that will keep your business’s communications safe and functioning at high performance. You will discover that with a cloud-based phone system, your communications will experience little to no downtime in the event of a major service knockout. In the event of a server knockout in your area, our cloud-based systems can be redirected to another reliable server so that your business is still able to communicate. These systems are extremely reliable and with our dedicated support team, we can handle any issues you may experience. You can always put your trust in a CableLink Solutions cloud-based phone system.

Want to know another unexpected benefit of switching to the cloud? Savings. By making the switch, your business will save a small fortune on the amount you are spending to keep your company communicating efficiently. If you ever were to study the amount you are spending on your landline phone service, you will find that the expenses associated with it are more than you would think. The number of landlines your business has, long distance minutes, and maintenance are just some of the factors that play into your communication expenses with a landline system. These can add up quickly over a month for a small business and especially for a large corporation. On the other hand, a cloud-based phone system cuts out some of these expenses while still keeping your communications running at a prime level. Eliminating your landline costs alone can provide your business with a load of savings while also allowing you to scale overtime without any issues.

The cloud has become an extremely popular tool amongst businesses over recent years for their reliability and flexibility. These systems function at a high-level and provide any size business with the accessibility they need to consistently stay connected. Don’t keep your communications confined to your office space. Be able to conduct your business from anywhere. This will ultimately keep you one step ahead of the competition and help your business continue to grow at a faster rate. No longer do you have to be trapped by landline phone systems. The cloud eliminates all wires so that you are free to move about and conduct the business you need to wherever you may go.